Day 8 Last day of holiday-Travel back to Tamworth

Last day of holiday.  Awoke bright and early.   Packed suitcases.  Had a lovely breakfast with the people we were staying with.  Said  our goodbyes.   What a fantastic holiday.  Loads of  great memories.   The main  reason for this holiday was to see my two daughters smile.  They  never stopped smiling.  We  had so much fun.

When  we finally drove  away from the house my youngest  daughter shouted out the window to our friends  “Don’t forget the fun we had”

Thanks to Guide Dogs Travel Awards I was able to have my dream holiday.


day 7 Darling Harbour/Fireworks

IMG_1288IMG_1232   IMG_1300   IMG_1211  IMG_1209  IMG_0263  IMG_1372

Last chance too see the sights of Sydney before we head off home to Tamworth tomorrow.  I have had so much fun.  I particularly enjoyed the adult conversations that I have had with the people that I have met and the people that  we are staying  with.  They have been  great hosts.  I have been very blessed.  As a single mum, I  have  little  opportunity to converse with adults..

In the morning we visited The Sydney Tower Eye.  The Observation  Deck is 268 meters high and we were able to get a birds eye view of the city.  We also had a 4D cinema experience which added to the enjoyment of the Eye.

In  the afternoon we headed to Madame Tussuads at Darling Harbour.    My children loved dressing up and having their photograph  taken with famous people such as The Queen,  Ned Kelly, Enstein.  Too name but a few.

At 7.40pm we watched a 30 minute dazzling Firework and Lightshow Spectacular that was on and around Sydney Harbour.  The fireworks was part of the International Fleet Review 2013.    It was incredable.  Not only did we have perfect weather for fireworks,  we also had a fantastic advantage point ( A private balcony of a house overlooking the Harbour).  NO CROWDS.

A perfect end to a perfect holiday.

Day 6 Opera House



IMG_1188             IMG_1207


The sunshine has returned.

We decided to re visit   the Harbour today  to see what a difference  some blue skies  would make.  We also decided to take things easy as we have had some very busy days and the kids are tired.

I managed to get some great shots of the Opera House and the surrounding area. There were  a  few of the Navy  ships already  in dock but  many more too come.  Navy ships from   all over the world are  coming to Sydney to participate   in the Fleet RevieW 2013.  

The place was very crowded. .We sat  on the Opera House  steps  for a few hours and listened  to the Navy bands rehearsing  for the big event.   Lunch was at a cafe on Circular Quay and my  children  loved   watching the buskers perform as we ate.

In the evening I managed to catch up with some  old  friends who  I have not seen for two years..

Day 5 Sydney Sightseeing

IMG_1108  IMG_1206  IMG_1176



First day of rain.  Unfortunately,  I had already pre-booked a Captian Cook morning coffee cruise for this particular day. So I did get  a little bit  wet sitting up on deck  taking in the sights .  However, my   Kids did enjoy eating  the box of cakes that were served with morning tea.  For me, the  hightlight  of the  whole cruise  was being able to see  the Tall ships sail into  the Harbour for the International Fleet Review 2013.  The ships  were magnificent.  We are  very  fortunate to be in Sydney for this event. The atmosphere is one of excitement.  Prince Harry is also visiting Sydney and there  is  a sports final in town which is making the streets more busier than normal.  

We visited  the Australian Musuem in the afternoon.  I loved the fact that I was able to touch the exhibits and interact with them.     I was particularly interested in   the  mummified body and  the dinasaur exhibition.

The day was a mixture of sightseeing and culture and I enjoyed both.

Day 4 Manly Beach

IMG_1081  IMG_1083


The weather is glorious.  Blue skies. Manly Beach here we come.  

We had to travel  by several modes of transport to get there but  it was worth it.  Bus, train, ferry.  The ferry ride was very exciting.  We  had decided to sit  upstairs on the ferry so that my  children could get a better view  of the journey but  my oldest daughter insisted on putting  her head out of the window all the way there.  She was fascinated  by  the waves. In fact,  so was I.   The scenery was stunning.   The Harbour   is a wonderful place.

Once we had  disembarked,  we headed  straight to  the beach.  Surprise, surprise!  My  youngest daughter took a few tumbles in the waves but she insisted on going back in again and again.  However, her sister preferred to sit on the beach and build sand trenches.  Only to see  them  be washed away by  the tide.

We had a lovely lunch in a Greek restaurant on the parade.  My daughters also  enjoyed the  mandatory ice cream that  followed.  They were  divine.  There  was even a movie crew  filming on the beach whilst we were there.  Some star from X Factor I was told

This day has been one of the best days of the holiday.  Very relaxing.

Tomorrow we hit the Harbour again. Going on a sightseeing cruise.

Day 3 Darling Harbour



Got up early and headed to Darling Harbour.  Visited the Wildlife Sydney  Zoo and the Aquarium.  Two  very big attractions. We saw a variety of native animals and even had our picture taken with a snake.  My children were  fascinated with the  public transport system. They loved  travelling on the “big  bendy bus”  and the “escalator that turned into stairs”.  Such everyday objects that sometimes we take for granted.  It has been another big day.  Tomorrow we head to Beach.  Hope the sun is shining.

Day 2 Taronga Zoo

IMG_0915    IMG_0940   IMG_0973IMG_0998

Today we spent the whole day at Taronga Zoo.  It was amazing.  The girls had so much fun.  We arrived at 9.30am and did not leave until just before closing time at 5pm.  We  started at the top of  the zoo and worked  our way down.  This was such great  advice as it saved our legs from getting too tired  with all the walking.   We saw every type of animal that you could  imagine and then some more. Reptiles, spiders, elephants, monkeys, giraffes, lions and so forth.  I took some amazing photographs.  We even got the opportunity to go on the sky cable lift.  Would you believe that we went around twice just to prolong  the experience a little longer. At one point, my 8yr old daughter just looked at me and said “This is wonderful”.   This made my day. I have never seen her smile so much.  We also got  the chance to attend  the bird show and the seal show.  Both very well done.  Kids loved every moment of it especially when the birds flew low.    The ice creams  that we had afterwards were well received but a  little too expensive for my liking.  We also bought  some souvenirs  from the gift shop to take home: –  A postcard; a hat with Taronga  zoo on it; a ceramic seal.   Little mementoes  of a great day. Memories that will last a life time.